What does the Longevity Economy mean for the future of Portugal?

Developed in conjunction with SaeR (Risk and Business Evaluation Agency) and Cluster Advisory, this project aims at mapping out a strategy for the development of the Longevity Economy for Portugal.

The Longevity Economy will become the third most important strategic pillar for the world economy, and countries such as China, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, France and Ireland already have strategies in place to turn into one of their strategic pillars to generate sustained GDP growth.

Also, the European Union considers the Longevity Economy as the area in which its member-states should invest the most, given the impact it has on GDP – be it as regards costs as well as revenues.

Portugal has one of the oldest populations in the world and does not yet have a strategy that incorporates longevity into its economy. Therefore, this project aims at identifying key areas and industries as regards the Longevity Economy and mapping out macro-economic strategies for each of them.

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