Awareness Initiatives

These are projects and actions aimed at generating awareness about the Longevity Economy and its impact in the creation of products and services and HR management, be it for the development of Age-Friendly environments or Age-Friendly organisations.

This happens via dedicated breakfast meetings and workshops, as well as via the following projects under development:

  • Friendly Organizations – Wellbeing and Longevity: Awareness workshops on 360º Wellbeing for organisations. This project has been developed in partnership with CWII (Corporate Wellness International Institute) and has the Support of APEE (Portuguese Association for Entrepreneurial Ethics);
  • Inter-generational leaderships to lead the way into the Longevity Economy: This project has been developed in partnership with Dots Training and employs the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to engender a deep understanding of what is the Longevity Economy and the importance of promoting inter-generational leaderships as a means to foster productivity and efficiency in a sustainable way for businesses.